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2013 Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Funding

Katie Harty

 In 2013, Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation granted over $1.5 million in direct funding to those organizations providing the very best in research, treatment and patient support programs in the field of pediatric cancer. Grant funding will be utilized by recipients in the 2014 fiscal year

Partner’s In Health

Bringing Cancer Care to Rwanda, Africa

Grant Amount $530,838


I n December 2011, the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation pledged $1.5 million over three years to Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB) in support of pediatric cancer care in Rwanda. This partnership has two primary objectives: to provide high-quality, accessible cancer care in Rwanda, and to participate in the development of a national cancer care strategy. Since then, while continuing to provide lifesaving care to a growing number of young cancer patients, PIH/IMB and our partners at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have been able to leverage investments to build national capacity for the detection and treatment of patients with pediatric and other cancers in Rwanda. Since embarking on this partnership, PIH/IMB, JGCF, and DFCI/BWH have achieved an incredible growth in the scope and depth of cancer care available to Rwandan patients. These coordinated efforts to provide diagnosis and access to treatment have meant the difference between life and death for many Rwandan children with cancer, who would otherwise have had no option for treatment.


Riley Hospital for Children - Indianapolis, IN

The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Fund

Grant Amount $300,000


Funding disbursed equates the final installment of a $1.5 million pledge to establish The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Fund.  The establishment of this fund provides for immediate research needs and an endowment to ensure ongoing pediatric cancer research at Riley Hospital for Children.  2013 funding will be used to advance earlier discoveries in glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, peripheral neuropathy and DNA repair.  Additionally, funding will be used to develop effective, curative therapies for children with relapse or refractory Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).


Children’s Oncology Group (COG)

Research Project: EveryChild

Grant Amount $261,076


With the 2013 support of the Jeff Gordon’s Children Foundation, Project:EveryChild is moving forward within the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). Project:EveryChild will include a single research study that will capture the biology and outcome of every child diagnosed with cancer in the United States and COG’s affiliated countries. Key clinical data on disease presentation, therapeutic approach and outcome will leverage the COG infrastructure. Biospecimens, including tumor tissue, host and when feasible parental DNA, will be stored at COG’s state-of–the-art biobank in Columbus, OH. These biospecimens will be made available to scientists across the country and around the world who are committed to finding better cures for children with cancer.



Be The Match Foundation (BTM)

Research Project: Late Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality Following Pediatric Allogeneic HCT Supplemental Data Collection - Phase II

Grant Amount $117,141


In 2012, Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation awarded funding to BTM to investigate late cardiovascular effects for children who survive HCT- allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.  Over the past year, the study has been fully developed and funding this year will implement further improvements to the project. Improvements include an upgraded data collection system enabling more complex analysis to benefit future investigators.  Increased information technology staff time which will enhance the ability of the study to find risk factors, but also necessitates more complex programming to retrieve and analyze the data with appropriate staffing to do so. The addition of a feasibility assessment of the data collection instrument which will result in higher site cost recovery (form reimbursement) for participating transplant centers. 



Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital – Concord, NC

Cord Blood Collection Project - Phase 1

Grant Amount $75,000


Funding from Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will enable CMC-NorthEast to enhance its growing cord blood collection scope.  Procured funds will expand the comprehensive cord blood donation program at CMC-NorthEast and will increase the number of cord blood samples collected. Presently, CMC- NorthEast is able to offer cord blood donation to 19% of pregnant mothers delivering, as compared to a 3% rate nationally. The goal is to offer this service to all women delivering at NorthEast. Cord blood is being used to treat more than 60 different malignant and genetic diseases as well as brain injury. CMC-NorthEast is pioneering this initiative within the Carolinas HealthCare System. NorthEast is the only hospital in the area to provide cord blood collection at delivery.



Carolinas Healthcare System – Charlotte, NC

Pediatric Bone Marrow Research

Amount Granted $30,000


Funding raised from the Charlotte Kick-It tournament will be allocated over the period of one year to develop and advance pediatric cancer research at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH).  Pediatric oncologist will conduct Phase I and Phase II clinical trials to increase efficacy of bone marrow transplant treatment. 


Children’s Hospital Foundation – Washington, DC

Pediatric Leukemia Research

Grant Amount $25,000

Funding from the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will be allocated over the period of one year to support High Risk Leukemia Research at the Bone Marrow Transplant/Oncology unit at Children’s National Medical Center.  Funds for this project were provided by the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Promise Circle.


Hope for Henry Foundation – Washington, DC

Patient Support

Grant Amount $25,000

Funding provides for patient support programming including: hosted superhero celebrations, Halloween parties, summer carnivals, book parties, and birthday parties throughout the year to ensure that patients do not miss out on being a kid during their extended stay at Children’s National Medical Center and Georgetown Hospital.  Programs are carried out in conjunction with the Washington D.C. Chapter Promise Circle.


Children’s Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) – Austin, TX

Treatment Room

Grant Amount $15,500

Funding from the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will be allocated over a 3 year period in support of the Jeff Gordon pediatric treatment room.Helping to provide a playful, non-traditional environment aimed at easing stress for clinic patients undergoing treatment. Funds for this project were provided by the Austin Chapter of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Promise Circle.

Flashes of Hope

Photography – Charlotte, NC and Indianapolis, IN

Grant Amount $10,000

Funding will assist with offsetting the operating costs of the Charlotte and Indianapolis Chapters. Commercial photographers, stylists and volunteers dedicate their time to transform the hospital floors into professional studios to photograph children with cancer, their family and support team. For families of terminally ill children, it is especially important to have a portrait that preserves forever the bravery, grace and dignity of their child.



2013 Promise Circle Competitive Grant Program Recipients


The Sandbox

Grant Amount $15,000

Funding from Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will assist The Sandbox in orchestrating hundreds of volunteers and donors to deliver critical need assistance such as food, housing, and transportation to pediatric cancer patients and their families. The Sandbox focuses on alleviating the emotional challenges associated with diagnosis and treatment. Funding will also assist with their signature event, "An Evening of Believing" prom, a red carpet gala designed to be an unforgettable evening for kids with cancer primarily aged 12-21 at Founders Hall in Charlotte, NC.


U Mass Medical School

Grant Amount $10,000

Funding will be provided to the U Mass Sidekicks Program, a highly successful program that pairs 30-35 medical students with the same number of pediatric cancer patients in a poignant Big Brother/Big Sister approach. Since 2009, U Mass medical students have supported children with cancer and their families, providing a medically informed big brother or big sister who will be a companion and a sounding board during cancer treatment. Additionally, this exposes medical students to the psychosocial impact of families dealing with pediatric cancer and better prepares them for their entry into the clinical years in medical school.



Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University

Grant Amount $5,000

Funding for this grant will provide pediatric cancer patients at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt access to clinical art therapy. This program benefits patients three years old or older who exhibit signs of anxiety or fear that illness is his/her fault; demonstrate feelings of guilt or incompetence; show concerns about body image; or experience withdrawal, confusion, isolation and/or refusal to speak about fears. Additionally, art therapists will use "Chill and Spill" journals with older, school-aged and teenaged pediatric cancer patients. Clinical Art Therapy Services are provided for patients and families by a Board Certified Art Therapist/Licensed Professional Counselor.


Geisinger Health System Foundation

Grant Amount $5,000

Funds from Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will support the  ThinkBIG pediatric cancer fund to help Geisinger families who are suffering a diagnosis of pediatric cancer overcome the numerous out-of-pocket financial burdens that are associated with ongoing treatment and hospitalization related to their malignancies. Patients and families are identified through social workers and medical staff and assistance includes food, lodging as well as other needs the family may encounter such as wigs, prosthetics, and hearing aids.


Patient Advocate Foundation

Grant Amount $5,000

Funding for Patient Advocate Foundation Service to Pediatric Cancer Patients will provides services for pediatric cancer patients from across the nation, including those in low-socioeconomic and other sub-populations with demonstrated cancer disparities who are facing obstacles to prescribed healthcare. Providing assistance in expediting applications to social programs. Direct patient services will include negotiation for pre-authorization approvals, expedited appeals, negotiated access to chemotherapy, medical devices, surgical procedures and pharmaceutical agents, and brokered resources to insure access to care. Additionally this includes help in locating resources for healthcare crisis-related needs such as nutrition, housing, transportation, utilities and lodging for out-of-town treatment.


Any Baby Can of Austin, Inc.

Grant Amount $5,000

The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Program provides services and support so that no family goes through their journey with childhood cancer alone. Candlelighters serves families of children under 21 years with home- or hospital-based services spanning the spectrum from diagnosis throughout treatment, during times of crisis, and can continue when the child is off-treatment. Bereavement services are also available.


Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer

Grant Amount $5,000

Funding will be utilized for the "Medicine of the Heart" outreach program to provide everlasting memories for children with terminal cancer." Through this system gifts, last wishes and financial assistance are delivered to patients and their families.


Date: 3/22/2012