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Jeff Gordon's Corvette for a Cause

My husband, Greg, was watching the race one Sunday back in the summer and had mentioned to me that we may want to purchase a ticket for a chance to win Jeff Gordon's 2009 Z-06 Corvette.

He had stated the tickets were selling for $100.00 each and that Jeff was only selling 5000 tickets, so the odds of winning were good.

So we talked about it and I kind of changed the subject thinking the money was just for a chance to win the car. I was hoping he would forget! I felt that was a little high in price. 

Well the very next week, guess who was watching the race AGAIN?? You guessed it, Greg. He asked me if I had purchased a ticket from the previous week. I admitted that I did not. He asked me to sit down and watch the race for a little while so I could see the commercial that Jeff made for the raffle.

As it turned out, ALL of the money raised for the raffle went towards the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation to help fight childhood cancer.

I thought, WOW!

What a great cause, and how awesome this was for Jeff to donate his own personal car to help children.

So as you can guess, I not only purchased one ticket but I purchased TWO. Knowing ALL of the money was for children fighting cancer, made us feel really good that it was going to a very worthy cause.

I really didn't expect anything in return, so I got very little details on the car.  Much to my surprise, on October 8, 2010, I received an email from Trish Kreiger, Director of the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation. The email stated that my name was drawn as the winner of the 2010 Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Corvette Raffle!! 

Whew- Hew what a GREAT surprise!

I had to get Trish to describe the car to me because I didn't even know what color it was.

Like who really expects to win a new car?? 

Trish and I have since become friends, and she is still amazed that I had to be told the details of the car.

Katie Harty from the Jeff Gordon Children’s foundation was our hostess for the whole Texas Motor Speedway NASCAR experience.

She did an outstanding job showing Greg and I all of the ins and outs of NASCAR. She took us to meet some of the drivers, the garage area, and even the Coach area, where only the drivers and their families are allowed.We were treated as part of the family, and what a GREAT group of people! Katie and I have become friends and we keep in contact on a regular basis. She is a really sweet person.

I was also excited to learn that the Corvette was Jeff's personal car, and it had only 1200 miles on it. It was black on black, and to top it off, a Z-06. (Which meant nothing to me, but my 20 year old son knew exactly what it was) So my son was happy to tell me just how fast it would go.

It truly was a great surprise, but the real winners were the children. 

Oh by the way, just in case you are wondering, the second ticket was the winner! 

My husband thought it was his car since he asked me to purchase the first ticket, but again it was the second ticket so you know who the winner was!!! LOL

Jeff Gordon flew Greg and me out to Texas Motor Speedway on November 9, 2010, where he presented to me the keys to my new 2009 Z-06 Corvette. 

It was our first time meeting Jeff Gordon and he was truly an awesome person!  Not only did I just win a car, I was given a chance to see, first- hand, how kind Jeff and his group of people truly are. We even met his stepdad, what a great person.  Jeff is by far my favorite NASCAR driver, what a terrific guy!!

I really only purchased the tickets just for the kids, not expecting to really win. 

He really spends a lot of his personal time helping to change these kids’ lives fighting cancer.

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Date: 1/20/2011