Planting flowers is an act of hope and optimism

Cultivate better outcomes for kids fighting cancer by donating now.

Planting flowers is a simple, yet beautiful act. Donating to help kids fight cancer is too. 

2-year-old Merritt is happily wrapping up chemo, learning how to be a big sister to a new baby brother, and visiting her favorite place — the beach! 

In one of the first photos we saw of Merritt, she was wearing a shirt that read, “growing like a wildflower.” Since then, to JGCF friends and family, Merritt has been affectionately known as “the little wildflower.” Merritt the wildflower has grown so much she outgrew our favorite shirt! 

Join us as we celebrate Merritt’s big news by donating to fund promising childhood cancer research, thus ensuring more kids survive and thrive despite a cancer diagnosis.

Planting flowers is an act of hope and optimism. So too, is funding research to improve odds for kids fighting cancer. 

We hope you enjoy the seed paper that was attached to the back your postcard. We’d love for you to share photos with us as your flowers grow. Attach your photos to an email addressed to “[email protected],” or share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag “#DrivenToBeatChildhoodCancer.”


If you didn’t receive a seed paper flower from us, it may be because we need your information for our records. Make a donation of $10 or more, and we’ll send you a special flower made of seed seed paper — the beautiful flowers it grows after planted will commemorate your generous donation.